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The college of science English Taught Program


College of Science English Taught Program (ETP)


The ETP offers both advanced English training courses and selected undergraduate courses from the college of science. A total of 20 students will be admitted each year.


‧ Selection criteria:

Freshmen:  You will have to meet at least one of the following requirements in order to apply for admission:

1. You are exempted from University English (I) and (II).

2. Your GSAT (General Scholastic Ability Test) score in English is greater than or equal to 13.

3. Your AST (Advanced Subjects Test) score in English is ranked above the 75th percentile.

Present students:

1. Transcript showing your University English (I) and (II) scores

2. Proof of English fluency (e.g., TOEIC, TOEFL, IELTS scores)


Apply online from June 6th to August 14th, 2018 (please refer to the announcement on

‧ Notification of acceptance: The results will be announced August 17, 2018 on