NCCU student clubs show it all

  • 2016-10-18

By Carlos Wang (王元容)
Campus Reporter

A joint presentation by National Chengchi University's (NCCU) student clubs was organized between Oct. 4 and Oct. 6 for recruiting new members.

NCCU Student Association said that an addition 30 clubs participated in the event, topping the total amount from 90 to 120 from last summer.

The Pilots (引水人), a student group serving as the guides and receptionists for the guests, designed a game that offering chances for students to experience its work with several rewards.

Huang Yu-ting (黃于庭), president of the Pilots, said that they decided to wear their uniforms and walk around the campus to give out their pamphlets, which builds their professional image and lets everybody know more about them.

Lots of clubs planned the “live shows” and “flash mob” to impress the students. Lin Yu-chia (林昱佳), president of Cheng-Sheng Chorus (振聲合唱團), said that their pamphlets were designed as heart shape. They presented their song around the campus and gave out the pamphlets at the same time, symbolling that they are giving out the blessings.

NCCU 24 Festive Drums club (政大二十四節令鼓社) organized a flash mob show in front of Shi-wei Hall (四維堂) at noon.

“Our club was set up just last year. We hope that the 24 festive drums, traditional instrument that combine calligraphy, Guangdong lion dance and Malaysian culture, can be known by more people,” said Chen Chee-yong (陳志詠), president of 24 Festive Drums club.

Audis Huang (黃昱融), president of NCCU Afro Music (黑人音樂社) that was reset up this semester, presented the beat-box show in front of the stand.

The scale of joint presentation drew the attention of international students. Helena Imics and Caroline Imics, international student from the America, were impressed by students’ involvement in this event, compared with the experience they had when they were studying in the U.S.

According to the Student Association, booths of the clubs from the same category were set up in the same area this time, having students to find their favorite clubs more easily.