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Future Outlook

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Date 2021-11-16
  1. Vision of Development
    1. To become a first-rate international educational and research institute in computational science, psychology and neuroscience, which incorporates humanities and social sciences
    2. To provide a sound scientific foundation for the students of the entire University
  2. Development Strategies
    1. Establish an effective mechanism and encourage teaching staff to implement interdepartmental and intercollegiate cooperation, starting out with current research directions of each Department; develop teaching and research methods to incorporate humanities and social sciences to the College of Science.
    2. Maintain comprehensive infrastructure, teaching resources and facilities as well as expand external academic resources to ensure a long-term level of competitiveness.
    3. Cultivate outstanding academic talents and leaders, proactively promote external participation and cooperation, and enhance academic and social visibility and impact.
    4. Integrate courses to effectively decrease teaching load Emphasize the harmonious development of teaching and research, and improve quality of education; emphasize natural and liberal education.
    5. Focus on the value of diversity -- apart from teaching and research, in accordance to their own strengths and interests, encourage students and staff to engage in careers that create value, such as international exchange and cooperation, industry cooperation and technology transfer, and professional consultancy and service.
    6. Strengthen academic internationalization and global exchange to increase international visibility


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