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College Purpose

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Date 2021-11-16


The College of Science of National Chengchi University fulfills the dual function of diversified learning and international perspective. It is our belief that active teaching and advanced research performed at our College is a guarantee of cultivating leadership talents in basic research, professionalism and humanistic care, and lays the foundation for employment and further development of students. The College of Science provides science & humanities trainings and high quality research so vital to improving student learning effectiveness, researching innovation and leading development in the age of international academic connections. Critical thinking and science continue to open up new academic value for the government, and return to the society with diversified academic development achievements. At the same time, students are guided to start the driving engine of lifelong learning, and then learn how to create their own value.


Last but not least, likely Senior of National Chengchi UniversityMr. Pu Ming said: "Learning is not a guarantee of surpassing others, but surpassing one's own kinetic energy."

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