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Date 2021-11-16

The College of Science was founded in 1994 from the former College of Arts and Sciences. The College of Science is now made up three departments, two graduate institutes and seven research centers & programs. The scope of research covers the entire range of basic sciences and social sciences, which represented by the Department of Mathematical Sciences, Department of Psychology, and the Department of Computer Science, as well as the Graduate Institute of Neuroscience and the Graduate Institute of Applied Physics.

Seven Centers & Programs are currently housed in the College also: the Research Center for Mind, Brain and Learning, Master Program in Digital Content and Technologies (in conjunction with the College of Communication), Patents Course Program (co-founded with the College of Law in 2010), MA Program of Counseling and Guidance (co-founded with the College of Education in 2011), Bachelor Program in Digital Content and Technologies (co-founded with the College of Communication in 2011), and the Financial Mathematics Program (co-founded with the College of Commerce in 2011). In 2012, together with the College of Foreign Languages and Literature, the international and pioneering cross-disciplinary Language, Cognition and Brain Program was established. In 2014, the Social Networks and Human-Centered Computing (SNHCC) Ph.D. Program was founded in joint collaboration with the Department of Computer Science, Academia Sinica, and National Tsing Hua University.

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