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Date 2016-10-18

By Christine Chou (周家慈)
Staff Writer

Seetoo Dah-hsian(司徒達賢), a professor of Department of Business Administration, received Zhongni Prize at the National Chengchi University (NCCU) on Oct. 3.

Zhongni Prize is launched by Lee Swee-huat (李瑞華), a professor for NCCU's international MBA program, in May. He hoped that the award would become a symbol of teaching: When it comes to Zhongni Prize, people would think more about teaching.

Seetoo studied business administration at NCCU and finished his PhD at Northwestern University. His specialties are Strategic Management Organization Theory and Management Problem Solving and Decision Making.

"It is always difficult to judge the quality of teaching and there are so many excellent teachers at NCCU,"  Seetoo said. “Due to my 40 years teaching experience, maybe my age is not controversial to get this prize.”

Seetoo's teaching style was inspired by his elementary school teachers because those teachers encouraged students to share their opinion in class. Seetoo said that he met so many teachers who devoted their life to students and he would never forget those teachers.

Seetoo employs case method in class needed discussion between students and teacher. Many students felt a lot of pressure because they had to be well-prepared before class. NCCU President Edward Chow (周行一), a student of Seetoo's, said that he was afraid of teacher Seetoo when he was in his class, but now he felt so grateful to Seetoo.

A new library, which is donated by Seetoo's students, is building on campus. The name of the library will be named Seetoo Dah-hsian when it is finished. Seetoo's students will send the library as a birthday gift to Seetoo when he reached 75 in the hope to highlight his efforts toward teaching and his contribution to NCCU.

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