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Date 2020-07-20

Ms. Chang Ting Ting, winning in the 2020 Academia Sinica Young Scholars Research Award, is one of the excellent member from Department of Psychology. In this July, 9 She was invited to participate in the award ceremony in the Interdisciplinary Science and Technology Research Building of the Academia Sinica.

Mr. Zhang's research expertise is magnetic resonance imaging technology and cognitive neuroscience. The research explores mathematical cognition and learning, children's brain function development, neural mechanisms of learning disabilities, and cognitive therapy software. In recent years, she has been committed to promoting cross-field integrated research in neuroscience and education, promoting children's brain imaging experiments to the domestic public, and running children's brain science camps.

Ms. Chang’s research also concern about the vital issues of society, people's livelihood and national development. Her achievements have been affirmed by our nation and abroad. Not only serve as the reviewer of many internationally renowned journals, but also she won NCCU Academic Research Award, 2017 – 2018.

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